• Some parts and accessories we sell we recommend you have installed by a qualified gunsmith.If you are purchasing these parts from us we recommend you send the rifle (or just the upper or lower half depending upon which needs the upgrade) to us for installation. We do not charge gunsmithing fees for installation of parts you buy from us. Also, you can be assured your parts are being factory installed and done correctly and safely.
  • Any rifle being returned for warranty repair work will be free of charge once the weapon has been evaluated and approved for warranty repair.
  • If the repair is not covered under warranty, then you will be called with an estimate of the gunsmithing charges plus return shipping for your approval prior to any work being done. Gunsmithing charges are $65.00/hour (minimum half hour) and billed in 1/4 hour increments.
  • Please remove any optics or accessories not required in the repair to avoid damage in shipping before sending us any rifle.
  • We will work on repairs to AR15s of other manufacturers provided those firearms use mil spec parts that are interchangeable with those used by Windham Weaponry.


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