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ZCORR Vacuum Storage Tactical Firearm Bag

Product Description
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The ZCORR Vacuum Tactical Storage Bag was designed to protect modern tactical rifles or other firearms with large attachments from rust and general corrosion. The vacuum valve and 100% water proof and airtight zipper closure allow this bag to be reusable and maintain its enhanced preservation qualities for extended periods of time in multitudes of environments. ZCORR Vacuum bags have a strong reinforcing layer which reduces the threat of tears or punctures. Depending on a firearm’s overall height optics, lights, and magazines may remain mounted and are unaffected by VpCI molecules. As always, optics should be stored with caps on if caps are available. These bags have a one-way vacuum valve installed that allows use of any vacuum cleaner hose to evacuate air from the bag. The Tactical Weapon Bags are the most convenient storage and preservation solution for AR platform rifles, AK’s, and other modern repeating rifles. Bag dimensions are 49” x 14”.

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