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Laminated Hardwood Stock for AR15 / M16

Product Description

These fine laminated hardwood buttstocks for the AR platform rifle are sourced from Maine Hardwoods and CNC machined by Boyds to fit A2 fixed length Receiver Extension Tubes (will not work with the Telestock Receiver Extension Tube). The fine dense hardwood lamination will not warp or swell, and is finished with a semigloss overcoat for long lasting beauty and durability. A 1/2” rubber buttpad is fitted for comfort.

These stocks are offered in 3 finishes:

  • a multi colored "Forest Camouflage"(Top)
  • the grey "Pepper”; (Middle)
  • brown "Nutmeg” (Bottom)
    Overall Length of Stock:10 3/4" / Stock Height at Receiver: 2 1/8" / Stock Width at Receiver: 1 7/8". Note that the manufacturer Boyds states that natural cosmetic imperfections such as minor knots, burls, heartwood, mineral lines or minor cosmetic fill work are not considered a defect. When installing, make sure that the Takedown Pin Spring & Detent are properly housed within the Lower, and avoid over tightening the screw that holds the stock onto the A2 Receiver Extension Tube. Screw should be hand tight to a solid stop and then no more than a ¼ turn more.

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