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Windham Weaponry Delux AR15 / M16 Armoreríë_s Kit

Product Description
Windham Weaponry has assembled all the necessary tools for AR15/M16 Armorers work into one convenient kit. These are high quality, American made tools that are used every day in the Windham Weaponry factory. This Delux Kit includes a sturdy Plano Tool Box with folding handle, upper small parts storage compartments, and locking latch. Tools include: a Lower Receiver Vise Block; A Bench Block; an Upper Receiver Vise Block; an Armorer’s Wrench Multi-Tool; a set of 4 Starret Drift Punches; a 5 piece set of Roll Pin Starter Punches; 3 Headspace Gauges (Go, No-Go & Field); A Push Pin Tool; a 4 oz, Ball Peen Hammer; a long straight blade 5/16” screwdriver; an A1/A2 Sight Adjustment Tool; a 3/16” T-Handle Allen Wrench and a 1/16” Allen Wrench. All tools are also available individually on our website.

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