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JP Reduced Power Spring Set for AR15 / M16

Product Description
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This JP Reduced Power Spring Set - when used with quality Mil-Spec trigger/hammercomponents like Windham Weaponry parts, and a good anti-seize grease - can achieve a usable 4.5 to 5 lb. pull trigger. For installation of these springs, simply remove the trigger & hammer pins from the receiver - driving the hammer & trigger pins out with a plastic mallet and drift pin. Then, replace the existing fire control springs with the new JP Set. Note that one end of the disconnector spring is slightly wider than the other - make sure to insert this wider end into the trigger so that the narrower end is exposed to contact the disconnector. Similarly, because it is easy to accidentally reverse, make sure to install the hammer spring with the "loop and legs”on the upper side - the same way the original came off. After the trigger components are reinstalled and secured, apply an appropriate lubricant to the sear and disconnector engagement surfaces. Optimal for this application is a good quality anti-seize grease.

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