Windham Weaponry Standard AR15 / M16 Armorer's Kit

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In this Kit, Windham Weaponry has assembled all the standard tools for AR15/M16 Armorers work. These are high quality, American made tools that are used every day in the Windham Weaponry factory. This Standard Kit includes a sturdy Plano tool box with folding handle, upper small parts storage compartments, and locking latch. Tools include: an armorer’s wrench plate multi-tool; a telestock nut wrench; a set of 5 Starret drift punches with one specifically bent for the bolt catch roll pin; a 5 piece set of roll pin starter punches; a 3/32” and a 1/8” roll pin punch; a “Field” headspace gauge; a push pin tool; a 4 oz. ball peen hammer; an A1/A2 sight adjustment tool; a 3/16” T-handle allen wrench and a bolt vice block. Tools are also available individually.


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