Windham Weaponry Deluxe AR15 / M16 Armorer's Kit

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Windham Weaponry has assembled all the necessary tools for AR15/M16 Armorers work into one convenient kit and then some. These are high quality, American made tools that are used every day in the Windham Weaponry factory. This Deluxe Kit includes a sturdy Plano tool box with folding handle, upper small parts storage compartments, and locking latch. Tools include: an armorer’s wrench plate multi-tool; a telestock nut wrench; a set of 5 Starret drift punches with one specifically bent for the bolt catch roll pin; a 5 piece set of roll pin starter punches; a 3/32” and a 1/8” roll pin punch; a “Field” headspace gauge; a push pin tool; a 4 oz. ball peen hammer; an A1/A2 sight adjustment tool; a 3/16” T-handle allen wrench; a bolt vice block; a Magpul BEV block and a bench block. Tools are also available individually.


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