GPS-02 Grip Pod Vertical Grip / BiPod

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The Grip Pod GPS-02 is designed with the shooter in mind. Developed for military use and made from advanced, reinforced polymers, the GPS-02 is light enough to preserve weapon balance and deployment, yet still tough enough to withstand hard use, due to its hardened polymer covered stainless steel legs. Its handle has been shaped and ribbed for a more ergonomic fit and firm grip. A strong clamping knob mechanism firmly mounts it to any Picatinny Rail and a push button release mechanism deploys the BiPod legs instantly. Length Closed: 5.75 / Deployed Height: 8.25 / Deployed Width: 7.25 / Diameter: 1.75 / Weight: 7 Oz. Made in USA. Shown in photo both deployed and in profile with legs retracted.


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