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Windham Weaponry offers this comprehensive First Aid & Survival Kits as a component of our “Bug Out Bag”, but we thought it important to offer it separately as a potential life saver for emergencies or survival scenarios.

This comprehensive Survival Kit is packed in a 9“ X 6“ Waterproof Aloksak Bag (made in the USA), and its Mil-Spec Repair Kit in a 5“ x 4“ Aloksak Bag (made/assembled in the USA) includes:

    5“x 4“Aloksak Bag (Waterproof/Airtight) (U.S. Navy Approved)
    Mil-Spec Repair Kit 
    Derma-Safe Knife – NSN 6515-01-363-1212
    Assorted Heavy Duty Needles
    Assorted Buttons
    Assorted Safety Pins
    #69 Nylon Thread
    #138 Kevlar® Thread
    Brass Wire
    Utility Cord – U.S. Military Issue (100 Pound Test)
    Repair Tape
    Fresnel Lens
    3″ x 4″ Waterproof Patch
    Commercial Grade Cable Ties
    Silva Starter 123 or Brunton TruArc3™ Base Plate Compass 
    Fire Making and Shelter  
    FireSteel w/Striker – NATO Issued
    6) Tinder Tabs
    Space® Blanket
    Fishing and Trapping 
    Fishing Kit: 
    -Fishing Lure
    -50′ Fishing Line
    -Split Shot
    Brass Wire 
    Frontier Water Filter
    Medical Protection and Aid 
    Chlorphen (Allergy Medicine)
    Diorama (Stomach Relief)
    Diamode (Diarrhea) 
    Medi-Lyte (Electrolyte Replacement)
    Sting Relief Towelettes
    Butterfly Bandages
    Plastic Bandages
    Alcohol Prep Pads
    Triple Antibiotics

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