It is with deep regret that we announce the closing of Windham Weaponry. Our website/online retail ordering system will remain active through Tuesday night, Sept 12. We will do our best to ship all orders this week and early next week. No credit card will be charged until the order is shipped.

Twelve years ago, when we started Windham Weaponry, our shareholders and longtime employees were excited to continue the traditions and spirit of Bushmaster Firearms, after the new owners decided to leave Maine.

We built WW into a company we could be proud of providing outstanding customer service, high quality products, as well as a great place for our dedicated employees to work.

The last few years have been a very challenging time for the firearms industry, and we have struggled to keep the WW dream alive for as long as possible. Unfortunately, we have not been able to meet our loan obligations with the bank after they worked with us as much as they could.

There was a glimmer of hope when we were negotiating with an investor to help keep WW alive and healthy, but that just fell through.

We have begun discussions with Keenan Auction Company to determine the best course of action for a full liquidation which should happen within the next month or so.

Our shareholders and employees truly appreciate your loyal support all of these years.

Wipe-Out Tactical Advantage Brushless Bore Cleaner

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Wipe-Out Tactical Advantage™ Brushless Bore Cleaner is the first product dedicated solely for the problems faced by the tactical shooter. This very “carbon aggressive” bore cleaner will also remove copper fouling as well as powder fouling with a minimum of effort.When mixed with water in a 50/50 ratio and sprayed on bolt carriers, bolts and gas tubes, it will dissolve carbon on contact. It is easier to use as well as considerably less messy, and totally odorless. Tactical Advantage™ will dissolve copper, bronze, cupro-nickel, and brass fouling in the bore twice as fast and in half the time – without brushing. It will protect all metal parts including the bore against corrosion & rust and is totally safe for all steels (both stainless and carbon) and all metal plating (including chrome lined barrels). Additionally, it is harmless to modern gunstock finishes such as poly-urethane and epoxy wood finishes, carbon fiber, or fiberglas. 8 Fluid Ounces – made in the U.S.A.

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