Barrel End Caps for AR10 Type Barrels (.30 cal.)

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These premium quality barrel end caps are designed to fit .30 caliber AR-15 type barrels (threaded 5/8″-24 Right Hand Thread) and protect the muzzle brake / compensator threads. They are machined of 4130 alloy steel and can be easily welded and/or pinned for restricted state compliance. The outside diameter is machined to .74″ diameter so the gas block can be easily removed for gas system maintenance without the need to remove the cap. Made in the USA.


Material: 4130 Steel Alloy

Finish: Manganese Phosphate Parkerized

Thread: 5/8″-24 Right Hand Thread

Outside Diameter: .74″

Weight: .40 oz.

Applications: .308 AR-10 / .300 Blackout / 7.62 X 51 / 7.62 X 39


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