Windham Weaponry .450 Bushmaster A2 Style Flash Hider 11/16″ x 24 T.P.I.

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Machined specifically for the Windham Weaponry .450 Bushmaster, this A2 Style Flash Hider will control muzzle rise and reduce flash from the powerful .450 Bushmaster cartridge. This Flash Hider has 5 vents machined around the sides and top. The bottom is closed so as
to avoid a tell-tale “dust signature” when shooting prone. It is machined from high quality steel, threaded 11/16″ x 24 T.P.I. (threads per inch) pitch and finished in Black Phosphate. Install this with a .450 Crush Washer (P/N 12991533-450 elsewhere on this website) to properly “time” (position) the venting slots.


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