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Rock River Arms (RRA) Two Stage Match Trigger Kit

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This RRA match AR-15 trigger kit is designed to be used with Mil-Spec lower receivers with .154” trigger and hammer pins and can also be used with anti-rotation pins for a more secure fit. However, the larger .1555″ pins will give you a snug fit. The versatility of AR-15’s is extended even further as some parts are interchangeable with AR-10 (.308) and DPMS LR 308 style rifles and this trigger is compatible with both. Another feature is the lightened hammer which allows for a decreased lock time while still maintaining reliable primer ignition even with hard military surplus ammo. This fire control group provides a custom tuned feel at an affordable price whether you are upgrading an old trigger or assembling a new rifle.


  • Heat treated cast steel with phosphate coating
  • Consistent and smooth two stage trigger pull
  • Overall 4.5-5lb pull weight
  • Standard curved trigger bow
  • Fits AR-15 and AR-10 lower receivers with .154” diameter pin holes
  • Perfect edition to your short barrel rifle, designated marksman rifle, or duty rifle
  • Lightened hammer for decreased lock time
  • Affordable upgrade over standard military trigger groups


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