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Gun-Tips Extended Reach Cleaning Foam Swabs - 24 Pack

Product Description
This value pack includes 24 Extended Reach Firearm Foam Cleaning Swabs that will revolutionize the way you clean and lubricate your firearms. Use them to effectively clean trigger assemblies, pins and levers, slides, rails, magazines and magazine wells. These handy swabs are shed resistant, lint and fiber free, economical, washable, reusable, nonabrasive and durable. They’ll stand up to most commercially available solvents, and can be cleaned with mineral spirits. 24 Gun-tips are packed in a re-sealable plastic bag - made in the USA by Swab-Its.
Foam Swab Dimensions are:
Head Width: 5mm (.19")
Head Length: 12mm (.50")
Handle Width: 4mm (.17")
Handle Length: 152mm (6")

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