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SEAL 1 SEALSKINZ Bore Cleaning Patches for .223 / 5.5.6mm

Product Description
SEAL 1™ SEALSKINZ are 100% cotton, .223bore cleaning patches pre-soaked with SEAL 1 CLP(cleaner/lubricant/protectant). Each SEALSKINZ pouch contains 40 - 100% cotton flannel, double napped, cleaning patches. These 1 1/4” diameter patches work for rifles from .22 to .270 caliber and have the density of the old style patches to give you the durability to get the job done properly. Plus, being pre-soaked with SEAL 1CLP - a "Green Engineered”™ biodegradable, non-toxic product -means you’ll clean your bore easier and quicker, without any toxic odors.

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